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My book launch event information is now up on my “Readings and Events” page, and my first full-length collection, “Closer to Where We Began,” is available for pre-order through the Tightrope Books spring catalogue!

“Invoke the light…,” writes Lisa Richter, ‘the light that leaves nothing / in its wake that is cold or unkind.’ With a richness in metaphor and a clarity of vision, Richter deftly travels the reader through seasonal tapestries of nature, across many identities, into many cities, and inside the bounds of family. Yet losses, and the world’s coldness and cruelty are not ignored, but rather, their pains and truths explored poetically: ‘the tongue finds its muse in the most sour of ripenings.’ The confidence and tenderness of Richter’s voice, and her mastery of form, makes Closer to Where We Began a rich and compelling read.”—Maureen Hynes, author of The Poison Colour


Closer to Where We Began now available for pre-order on Amazon!

It’s incredibly exciting to see my first full-length collection of poetry, available for pre-sale on Amazon, along with author Catherine Graham’s beautiful review:

“Lisa Richter weaves time and place with grace and expertise throughout the poems in this her first collection, Closer to Where We Began. Sensual, delicate yet biting, these poems sweep forward and back with energy and insight proving ‘the heart is a finite muscle of blood and music.’ By following the rhythm of each poem’s unfolding we are led to a ‘deeper quiet.’ A rich and resonant book.” —Catherine Graham, author, Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects

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Poems forthcoming in four publications

I’m incredibly excited to have work recently accepted in Canthius, The Minola Review, Crab Creek Review and (parenthetical). Thank you so much to the editors of these fine publications, I’m truly honoured. The first two of these journals are specifically devoted to showcasing the women and non-binary writers, something we most definitely need more of, now more than ever.

For Leonard

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(after Cohen’s “For Anne”) With Leonard gone whose voice to compare with the evening wind? Not that I did compare, but I do compare, now that he’s gone.    

Writing Retreat at Small Ponds Arts

It’s not often one comes across a vintage typewriter in the grass, resting there as if somehow part of its surrounding landscape. My new cover photo was taken at Small Pond Arts, a beautiful artist residency/retreat centre in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where I stayed for almost a week at the beginning of October. Small Ponds is run by a lovely couple, Krista and Milé, both artists themselves, who made me feel incredibly welcome. In their 1860s-era farmhouse, I spent a good chunk of my five days there working on my manuscript, taking breaks to explore the art installation-decorated trails that wind around the farm. All meals were included – a godsend, in so many ways, for freeing up the mental energy that normally goes into the day-to-day routine of grocery shopping, planning and preparing food. Thanks to my gracious hosts for creating a peaceful, magical setting in which to work. I hope to be back someday!

Paintings by Milé Murtanovski

Paintings by Milé Murtanovski

Arranging and ordering the poems

Arranging and ordering the poems